Cynosure is committed to supporting employees at all levels, to develop their skills and abilities both within their current role and for future career development and progression. All suitable job vacancies and promotion opportunities are advertised internally. One of the ways the company aspires to help people achieve their career ambitions is through internal movements. The programme aims to provide clarity and transparency for all staff to understand the skills and abilities appropriate to their current and future roles, how these can be developed by linking with training and development programmes and to identify how skills and experience may be transferable to other parts of the business. This ultimately will create career development opportunities across the business either within an existing ‘job family’ or, as a result of developing transferable skills, into another ‘job family’ or business unit.

A major Cynosure strength is its staff and the company aims to ensure that everyone who works for it is rewarded fairly and in accordance with the effort and talent they bring. The company certainly employs a very wide range of talent in order to service its clients effectively and efficiently and by the nature of its contracting business often requires new people.